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  • Sienna DeGovia


Did you know Historic Hudson Studios also hosts Events?!  To get the party started and showcase some of our favorite vendor partners, we threw an epic Bash to celebrate our introduction into the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

HCC Bash - 01/24/2024 - HHS - Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Member

Meticulously curated by our exceptionally skilled Event Coordinator, Natalie Krohn , the evening unfolded as a testament to meticulous planning and flawless execution.  With an innate ability to curate extraordinary experiences, Natalie seamlessly united industry professionals, influencers, and our broader Hollywood community to celebrate with us at Historic Hudson Studios.  The result was a magical night that left an indelible mark on the memories of all who attended.

HCC Bash - 01/24/2024 - Guests

Amplified Entertainment, Blank Beverage Company, and My House Catering played pivotal roles in the success of the event. Their expertise and commitment to excellence elevated every aspect of the evening, contributing to an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication befitting of Hollywood royalty.

Entertainment Extravaganza by Amplified Entertainment:

HCC Bash - 01/24/2024 - Entertainment

Amplified Entertainment set the stage ablaze, delivering an electrifying performance that not only kept the guests on their feet but also introduced a dynamic fusion of entertainment. The dance floor became a vibrant kaleidoscope of energy, complemented by the mesmerizing moves of talented dancers. Beats spanning genres and a playlist catering to all tastes ensured that the party was in full swing throughout the night. To add an extra layer of excitement, circus performers dazzled the crowd with incredible acts of skill and flair. Additionally, guests had the chance to capture memories of the night in engaging photo booths scattered throughout the venue. Amplified Entertainment transformed the evening into a dynamic spectacle that left everyone thoroughly entertained.

HCC Bash - 01/24/2024 - Blank Beverage Vendor

Blank Beverage lived up to its reputation, providing a premium beverage experience that delighted the senses. Craft cocktails named for stars that have been photographed at Historic Hudson Studios created an atmosphere of celebration tailored to our historical space. The bartenders showcased their mixology skills, leaving guests impressed with every sip.

HCC Bash - 01/24/2024 - Blank Beverage Custom Cocktail Menu

Culinary Excellence by My House Catering:

HCC Bash - 01/24/2024 - My House Catering

My House Catering exceeded expectations with a culinary journey featuring delectable appetizers. The catering team skillfully crafted an array of appetizers that showcased their attention to detail and commitment to using the finest ingredients. From bite-sized delights to more substantial options, guests were treated to a continuous parade of appetizing offerings that teased the palate and created an evening filled with tantalizing flavors.

The night was filled with unforgettable moments as guests mingled and networked in the shadow of Hollywood history.  The iconic venue, Historic Hudson Studios, provided the perfect backdrop for a festive night of creating connections that extend beyond the studio walls.


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