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Enhance your studio rental experience by booking our concierge services. Enjoy a relaxing massage, gourmet meals prepared by a private chef, or the comforting presence of a therapy dog. 

Giving Car Key to Valet
Working Remotely

Take advantage of our hassle-free parking service. Simply pull up, and the valet will take care of the rest, ensuring your vehicle is parked securely and ready when you are.

Elevate your projects with our HHS expert creative producers. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of coordinating external services.

Have a skilled culinary artist create delicious dishes right before your eyes. From gourmet delights to comfort classics, our chef brings flavor and flair to every scene.


Book Homer. Bringing comfort and joy to every production, Homer is more than just a furry friend—he's a calming crew member amidst the hustle and bustle.

Melt away all stress and tension! Elevate your production experience with the finest relaxation treatment as our skilled masseuse delivers massages throughout the day.

Ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Book our invaluable on-set production assistant and get extra help for your rental.

Set Friend

On-site Masseuse

On-site Production Assistant

Valet Services

Creative Producers

On-Site Chef


Explore the details, compare the spaces, and find the perfect backdrop for your project. 


Historic Hudson Studios is conveniently located near restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and equipment rental houses. Check out what surrounds our business.

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