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  • Sienna DeGovia


Have you ever thought about the art of food styling? It's like makeup for food, ensuring that every dish looks its absolute best before it's captured on camera. Join us as our expert, Sienna DeGovia, sheds light on the secrets behind the mesmerizing world of food photography that truly makes your mouth water.

Makeup for food?!

Food styling isn't just about making food look good; it's a meticulous process involving various technical tricks to enhance the appeal of each dish. But where does it all begin?

Typically, projects start when a client in the food industry reaches out to a photographer or producer for a photo shoot or film production. Crafting compelling visuals is crucial for brands aiming to captivate their target audience and elevate brand recognition.

Once the client selects a food stylist from a pool of talented professionals, the real work begins.

Collaborating closely with the client, producer, or photographer, the food stylist ensures that every detail is meticulously planned to showcase the product in the best possible light.

Ingredient Sourcing

Take, for example, the humble fast-food burger. Food styling this iconic dish involves a multi-step process. From carefully selecting the perfect bun with evenly distributed sesame seeds to grilling each component to perfection, every detail matters.

The "Hero" components, meticulously chosen for their visual appeal, undergo meticulous preparation.

Prep Time

From cooking the patty to toasting the bun with precision, the food stylist's toolbox is filled with tricks and potions to enhance the allure of the dish. Did you know the ideal burger paint is a blend of vodka and marmite spread?

Burgers - By Renee Anjanette and Sienna DeGovia

It’s time to build the burger!

Assembling the burger is an art form in itself. Every element is carefully layered, keeping the camera angle in mind. Props like wobble wedges and toothpicks are used to ensure the perfect presentation, while tweezers help fine-tune the composition.

Ready for the close-up! 

Sienna DeGovia - Food Styling GIF

With the final touches added—water droplets on the tomato slice and a brushing of oil over the patty—the burger is ready for its close-up. On the set, the stylist collaborates with the photographer to bring the scene to life, creating a mouthwatering shot that leaves the client thrilled.

The In-House HHS Crew

Sienna DeGovia and Renee Anjanette, the masterminds behind Historic Hudson Studios, bring years of expertise to every project they undertake. As integral members of the HHS team, their attention to detail and creative flair have set the standard for food styling and photography since 1999.

From sourcing the finest ingredients to perfecting every detail, food styling is truly an art form. And with experts like Sienna and Renee at the helm, the possibilities are endless.

Having our professionals share a little about their expertise reminds us of how much we love what we do. Interested in finding out more about our crew professionals, and body of work? Reach out to inquire and stay tuned! We're here to bring your vision to life.


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