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  • Sienna DeGovia


Fresh off the set of the critically acclaimed culinary hit The Bear, Ayo Edebiri was tapped by Vogue magazine to put her cooking skills to the test by making dinner on camera.  

Dressed to the nines in a Valentino ostrich feather-trimmed cocktail dress, Ayo showed off her culinary chops as well as her glamorous side.  Wielding her favorite cleaver, affectionately named Donna, Ms. Edebiri demonstrates the prodigious knife skills she learned on set. 

With our beautiful fully appointed set kitchen, Historic Hudson Studios was the natural choice to execute this on-camera cooking class.  Vogue knows how to bring the glam and we like to think our studio classes up ANY cooking class!

Ayo Edebiri

We can’t lie, being immersed in food TV as we are, we at HHS are HUGE FANS of The Bear and Ms. Edebiri’s tough and hilarious character Sydney.  It was an honor to host her in all her feather adorned glory in our studio.  

Now we just need a Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Photo spread (PLEASE!!) to shoot at HHS and we can happily pass away, ascending to heaven on a cloud of Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches. But I digress……back to the fabulous Ms. Edebiri.  With humor and charm, Ayo walked us through a delicious miso butter pasta recipe that looks utterly scrumptious.  

Ayo Edebiri cooking dinner atthe HHS East Kitchen

As the shoot wrapped up, Ms. Edebiri bid adieu to Historic Hudson Studios with a wink and a whisk, leaving behind a trail of perfectly plated dishes. And while her culinary journey from The Bear set to Vogue may seem like a wild ride, one thing's for sure – Ayo Edebiri knows how to serve up glamour with a side of sass!


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