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To make your rental experience at Historic Hudson Studios even more unique, we have introduced a range of new add-on services available to all clients upon request. Let us walk you through each one:

1. Enjoy the presence of a special furry friend: meet Homer!

Filming or hosting an event can be stressful, and sometimes you just need a little furry friend to lift your spirits. Our On-set Therapy Dog is available to provide comfort and joy to you and your crew, ensuring everyone stays relaxed and happy. This adorable addition to your team is sure to bring smiles and boost morale.

2. Need to alleviate stress?

A Professional Masseuse is available to provide rejuvenating massages throughout your rental, helping you and your team or guests stay refreshed and focused. Whether you need a quick chair massage or a full session, our masseuse is here to alleviate stress and tension.

3. Enjoy an interactive culinary experience:

Elevate your catering experience while keeping your clients or guests entertained. Hire a Professional Chef to cook delicious meals right before your eyes.

4. Forget the hassle of parking:

Our third-party Valet Services provide a convenient and secure solution. Let a professional take care of your vehicle, allowing you to focus on your shoot or event without any distractions.

5. Let our on-site PA help you ensure everything runs smoothly:

Efficient production is the cornerstone of any successful project and our On-Site Production Assistant is available to support your needs upon request.

6. Need a Producer?

Our Creative Producers are here to collaborate with you at your convenience.

Experience Unreal Convenience

Book your next shoot or event at HHS and take advantage of these exceptional concierge services. Elevate your production or celebration with the unparalleled support and amenities that only HHS can offer.

For more information, please reach out at We look forward to hosting you and making your time at Historic Hudson Studios truly unforgettable.


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