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Historic Hudson Studios embodies the creative spirit that has defined this locale since the first silent film was shot just up the road at Hollywood and Vine. A gateway to a bygone era of Hollywood creatives and legends. 

A studio rich with history, Historic Hudson Studios was built in 1948 and is a true industrial gem of the early studio era. It is a structure that oozes creativity and heart with a solid wood bowstring trussed roof sitting overtop 18-foot ceilings and original exposed brick walls. 

​Now also welcoming the most memorable and milestone celebrations, clients are free to create the day of their dreams within this unmatched Hollywood event venue. With a professional events team, HHS is excited to share a list of trusted partners while also inviting outside vendors and event planners to enhance the most special of days.

Over the years, Historic Hudson has been the epicenter of great creative work. It has been host to theaters, dance companies, and film production offices. Many painters and artists have worked within these walls including the genius celebrity photographer, Herb Ritts, who photographed David Bowie, Madonna, and Jack Nicholson in his second-floor studio. A cultural icon in the Hollywood Theater District (the epicenter of Los Angeles), HHS shares the property with the perfectly curated prop and surface rental shop, the Surface Library, and is a short drive (dare we say ….walk?) to numerous studio resources, stylish lodging accommodations, and foodie-friendly restaurants. With all of these conveniences, HHS remains a place of significant creative work and memory-making.

Bet you’re trying to figure out what these pictures are all about. We get it: it’s not every day a food stylist and a photographer use photos of themselves dressed up as iconic musicians for their headshots on their business website….But that’s exactly what puts the Folly in Feast or Folly.

Two creative people, Feast or Folly, are a duo of photographer Renee, and food stylist Sienna, taking on any zany possibilities out there: a Chandelier made of meat? No problem. Crime scenes depicting death by spaghetti? Why the heck not! They’ve been doing this together since 1999; there’s nothing more exciting to them than a creative idea that allows them the freedom to explore and grow together as artists. 

Their partnership began when they met while mastering the art of food photography, shooting for every houseware brand in America. And while cookies and cake stands did pay their bills, they decided to take their skills outside of the “office” and collaborate on personal projects that allowed them to fully explore their creativity. 


Renee Anjanette - Founder and Photographer - GIF
Sienna DeGovia - Founder and Food Stylist - GIF

Together, they found a space that felt like home in the historic Hudson Theater building. Sure, it might be an inanimate object that was unable to say it loves them back, but they swear they had an instant connection with the artistic spirit of the building. Built to appease an array of creative needs, the space has seen a lot of art and magic happen throughout the years and has lived many lives as a studio for dancers, artists, photographers, and more.


Fast forward 15 years and “pause for dramatic knocking on wood” and they have just expanded into the studio next door, increasing the space to just over 8500 sq, ft! With this new addition, they are continuing to provide creatives with an inspiring place to do what they do best: create. Their vision is becoming more robust and yet,  more precise; Historic Hudson is a home away from home for creatives of all walks and talks of life to realize their visions as they, too,  realize theirs.



Feast or Folly Logo


In the heart of Hollywood, Historic Hudson is ideally located to support all your production and event venue needs. Tricky parking is no challenge here as we have collaborated with a valet and shuttle service to ensure guest parking is as seamless as possible. Pop out for a coffee or a bite to eat at the plethora of food options within walking distance or grab props from our in-building prop house, Surface Library. Take a look at our studio’s surroundings here.

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