1106 North Hudson Ave., 2nd Floor
Hollywood, CA 90038

Gated Parking Available

Additional parking

Multi-Level Parking Garage
959 Seward St Los Angeles CA 90038

  • From HHS, go 1 block west on SM Blvd.
  • Turn LEFT onto SEWARD ST  Go 0.2 MILE
  • Turn RIGHT into MULTI-LEVEL PARKING at 959 Seward  

The Neighborhood

Bungalow 40 Coffee 

Just downstairs!

Petite Trois

0.9 miles away

Set Stuff

1.2 miles away

Line 204

0.1 miles away

Eat This Cafe

Just downstairs!

Milk Bar La Bakery

1 mile away

The Surface Libary

Just downstairs!


0.4 miles away


0.8 miles away


1.1 miles away


0.8 miles away

Fed Ex

0.7 miles away

W Hollywood Hotel

1.1 miles away

The Godfrey Hotel

0.5 miles away

Gold Diggers Hotel

1.2 miles away